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Available in a Capsule and Tincture

Herbal supplement & tonic to aid digestion and help fight inflammation & irritation in digestive tract and support the colon and digestive system to be able to digest food and absorb nutrients.

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The herbs used in this formulation contain properties known to assist with digestion, soothe the intestines while strengthening and building mucus linings

Main Ingredients


Aloe Ferox
Hydrangea Root
Marshmallow Root/Leaves
Slippery Elm
Other African Herbs


Studies found that the properties of the ingredients for the product have a potent properties to help with inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract, which are very beneficial for those suffering from colitis, chrons’ disease, diverticultitis and other digestive tract problems.

In conjunction with a change in lifestyle and diet, the herbs are able to assist the body to change the gut microbiome, and protect intestinal cells damaged by food toxin, thereby preventing bacteria from entering. It assists the digestion of food, and eliminate gas and flatulence.

Aloe Ferox: Astringent. Fungal. Anti-bacterial. Stomach irritations. Heals digestive disorders. Colitis. Chron’s disease.

Dandelion: Constipation. Food stagnation. Allergies. Purifies blood. Flushes toxins from kidneys

Hydrangea root: Protects against Th17 cells causing autoimmune inflammatory response

Marshmallow root: Soothes & heals mucus membrane lining in the Gastro-Intestinal tract and throughout the body. Ulcers. Colitis. Gastritis. Enteritis. Acid reflux.

Slippery elm: Nutritive demulcent. Intestinal irritation. Diarrhoea. Sensitive & inflamed colon. Constipation. Membranes. Soothes & heals mucus membrane lining in the Gastro-Intestinal tract and throughout the body. Heartburn. Ulcers.

They also found that the action of the properties found in the ingredients are much more potent in conjunction with a change in lifestyle and diet, as well as treating the digestive system to enable it to absorb nutrients. It is always a good idea to detox the liver and blood for best effects, as well as consuming the correct type of oils.

It is important to give the digestive system time to heal, build strong and healthy mucus linings and create an environment where parasites, worms and bacteria cannot live. Most unhealthy foods and junk food create an acidic environment, and we know that sugar feeds bacteria. This in turn causes flatulence, discomfort, and gas.

Many people have constant diarrhea due to the consumption of dairy products. In order to heal the whole digestive system, it is important to have a diet completely free from sugar, gluten and dairy, and consume foods which you can digest.

It is important to give the digestive problem a period of rest and create a habit of eating three meals per day.