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Available in a Syrup or Tincture

A natural herbal supplement to assist with bedwetting by toning the nervous system. The herbs included in this formulation are known to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys & bladder.

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The ingredients in the product are known to assist the body to strengthen various organs to control bedwetting.
Research shows that the herbs may relieve insomnia, depression, inflammation, stress and anxiety and relax the digestive system.
They are known for strengthening the entire urethral canal, kidneys and bladder.
Once the nervous system is calmed, and anxiety eliminated, it takes the stress out of a bedwetting situation.
Strengthening and detoxing the kidney and bladder, may lessen these embarrassing moments.

Please note that it is always very important to make additional lifestyle and diet changes.
Candida plays a huge role in all kidney and bladder problems, and can be eliminated by following a proper eating plan.

A diet free of gluten, dairy and sugar will give the best results.

Bedwetting can be greatly overcome if the family work together, and create a peaceful atmosphere and a safe haven for children.
Kind discipline and being an example to children with this type of problem will ensure a positive outcome.

Main Ingredients


Black Cohosh
Lemon Balm
Oat Straw
Shepherds Purse
Other African Herbs
Tincture (Alcohol)

For smaller children:
Syrup made from fresh herbs using a
fermentation process


Alfalfa: A general tonic that relieves tension and stress. Known to improves sleep, relieve fatigue and treating bedwetting in children

Bearberry: Bedwetting

Black Cohosh: Bedwetting

Chamomile: Relaxing and soothing to digestive system. Chamomile is known for cleaning the kidneys & urinary tract; it is worlwide considered a nervous system tonic.

Corn Silk: Research shows excellent results in using corn silk for bedwetting, painful & frequent urination, prostitis. It is widely used to treat an inflamed bladder and urinary tract.

Oat Straw: Bedwetting relieved by toning the nervous system. Relieves insomnia, anxiety, and depression

Shepherd’s purse: Worldwide research shows great success in using shepherds’ purse to relieve bedwetting, as it is known to tone the urinary tract and treat catarrhal conditions of the bladder & ureters. It is also used for ulcerated abscess of the bladder and treat mucus matter in urine